Every single day can be a challenge.

As women, how do we stay plugged into our source energy?

How do we connect with our power in a world that can seem designed to
disempower us?

How do we stay true to ourselves and our sisters in the era of #metoo and #timesup?

How do we overcome fear and self-judgment?

How do we choose ourselves, and our magnificence, over and over again?  

Especially if we, perhaps, we have never chosen it, or have never felt it before? Many of us can feel the urgency. The call to take action. The Dalai Lama has said the world will be saved by Western women. But how can we save anything or anyone when we, ourselves, are feeling disempowered?

Sisters, it’s time to go back to the basics.

Time to go home, and refuel, and reconnect with what really matters. Time to remember who we truly are.
Time for the Womanly 
Arts and Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp.

The Womanly Arts

The Womanly Arts are the foundational structure that have allowed hundreds of thousands of women to locate their innate power. When a woman is truly feeling ‘herself’, she is more than capable of making decisions that not only honor the woman she is, but take everyone around her higher. She follows her inner desires, even in the face of great opposition. She owns her sex, honors her lust, and reclaims her pussy. She feels powerful at work, fed by her friendships, and uniquely capable of getting what she wants in relationships.

It is so easy for a woman to disapprove of herself. Living inside a patriarchal culture, we women have had to make significant adaptations in order to survive. We have learned how to sidestep our deepest truth – our source, our knowledge – and follow the guidelines of the Patriarchal World Culture. We are taught to put the most basic aspects of our feminine power in the hands of the masculine. We are encouraged to suppress our strong emotions, our intuition, and our sensuality, and instead to be in service to the values of a culture that does not welcome our gifts.

The Womanly Arts give you the tools to locate and honor your desires.

• To own every drop of your exquisite beauty.

• To know your worth and invite abundance.

• To become fully sexually expressed.

• To take back all of your power.

• To fall in love with your dark emotions and replace shame and guilt with
  vibrating aliveness.

Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp is a great value at $997 paid in full
or 3 easy payments of $375. 

If you have been waiting to work with Mama Gena live, now is the time. This may be the only opportunity to work with her live this year. 

Questions? Please email info@mamagenas.com

What would happen if we had a world full of women who were completely and totally fed?

A world of women who found that there was a stream of endless natural resources, within themselves, when completely supported by a community of sisterhood?

What if we can trust ourselves?

What if we are the western women the world (and the Dalai Lama) have been waiting for?

It’s easy to live a miserable life, and it takes great skill to do things differently and live a pleasure-filled life. It takes discipline. Indeed, pleasure is not for sissies – it’s for the courageous. In our society, we are rarely encouraged to be the source of our own fulfillment and joy; instead, we’re encouraged to be victimized by culture, circumstances, upbringing, or the very fact of our womanhood.

The Womanly Arts challenge this status quo, providing the invitation and training you need to really get yours in this life. That’s why we call it the Pleasure Revolution.

Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp is our online program specifically designed to help you integrate the Womanly Arts into your life.

Boot Camp gives you the deep support and gentle accountability you need to live and breathe the Arts into your reality. You’ll receive the training, inspiration, and community to clarify your desires and put them into action in your life.

“VPBC saved my soul. I first took it when I was in a toxic relationship. I knew at the time my relationship was no longer serving me however I also knew I needed the support and tools to help me find myself, love myself in order to leave.

Having a fitness buddy was the first step for me in building my support system and my buddy was authentic and so loving. We shared our vulnerabilities, dreams, and desires and held each other accountable. It was refreshing to have that support. I found the Art of Owning My Beauty impactful because I had no sense of my worth. I did not value myself or see myself as beautiful. I did the work and started to own my beauty. I became a VPBC Pleasure Revolutionary the following year because I wanted to be seen and I wanted to pay forward the support and love I had received. I wanted to be there for others. And all this helped me to build up my confidence and raise my self-esteem enough that eventually I left the toxic relationship and I gained an amazing community of supportive and loving women that I still connect with to this day.“

– Mercedes Vasquez, NYC

Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp is for you if:

• You enjoy the idea of getting involved from the comfort of your home – whether that’s across the country, or the world! Boot Camp participants typically represent most states in the USA, as well as 15 – 20 countries around the world!

• You’re familiar with this work, you’ve been following Mama Gena’s for a while now, and perhaps have already read the book at least once . . . and you’re looking for more training, support, structure, and community to integrate this work fully into your life (and thus get the results you want).

• The idea of being held accountable, inside an actively engaged practice community, excites you (even if it terrifies you a bit too!). Knowing you’ll have regular calls, practice sessions, and structured homework is just the thing you need to pour gasoline on your desires (or clarify what they are in the first place)!

Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp is designed to help you clarify what you want, and take step-by-step, weekly action to express and fulfill those desires. You can expect to be challenged, to have fun, to laugh, to cry, to learn new distinctions, to have deeply fulfilling experiences, and to make beautiful friendships.

“Boot camp remains, to this day, one of the best investments I have ever made in myself. Before Boot camp, I had just retired and relocated and was extremely unhappy with myself and my life. I felt like my insides and my outsides did not match, and that I had nothing to look forward to. I was concerned about living as a gay woman in what I perceived, as a fairly conservative small town. I felt like I would never be happy. The community that Boot Camp offered was so welcoming and understanding – the sisterhood gave me the support I have longed for all of my life. It was unconditional and perfect – just what I needed for where I was at on my life journey. I have continued to apply what I learned in this course and it has turned my life into a place of contentment. If you truly want an innovative and powerful way to produce wanted change, Boot Camp is a user-friendly program that works."

– Laurie Irwin, Michigan

Live Tele-Classes with Mama Gena: In our first call, we’ll kick off the program to sink into community and prepare for the journey together. We’ll also dive right into the first Womanly Art. Each week we’ll explore a new Art, and you’ll have a chance for open Q&A with Mama Gena. (Note: All calls are recorded for you, so don’t worry if you can’t make them live.)

All Training Calls are at 12:00 PM ET

  • Week 1 - Monday, March 30, 2020

  • Week 2 - Monday, April 6, 2020

  • Week 3 - Monday,April 13, 2020

  • Week 4 - Monday, April 20, 2020

  • Week 5 - Monday, April 27, 2020

  • Week 6 - Monday, May 4, 2020

  • Week 7 - Monday, May 11, 2020

  • Week 8 - Monday, May 18, 2020

24/7 access to our private members-only Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp Facebook Community: This will be command central during your Boot Camp experience. It will be home base for the recordings, the homework, and your pleasure research! As a member, you’ll have access to a constant infusion of pleasure, daily practice in the Womanly Arts, and the Facebook community connection you’ve been longing for. This is an extremely robust and interactive closed group.
  • Boot Camp Tool Sheets: After each weekly Womanly Art call, we’ll post a cheat-sheet with all the tools related to the Art that week. Each cheat-sheet will give you a thorough description for that particular tool. It’ll be like carrying Mama Gena in your back pocket!

  • Ask a Pleasure Revolutionary Q&A: Thursday and Friday, you’ll have access to ask a seasoned Sister Goddess questions that arise as you’re applying and perfecting your Art and Tool use.

  • Weekly Practice Group Calls: Two times each week, you’ll be invited to hop on practice calls to stay plugged in, get support, troubleshoot, and connect. Practice calls are 45 minutes in length and held on Tuesdays at 6 p.m. ET and Wednesdays at 10 a.m. ET. Attend one a week, or attend both - these Practice Calls will be hosted by a seasoned Sister Goddess and are considered your pleasure drills.

  • Weekly Homework: Each week you’ll receive pleasure assignments that get you out there, in your life, using the Tools and Arts. The pleasure research will give you the keys to your Queendom!

Are you in?

“At the start of Boot Camp, I worried my guy was all wrong for me and perhaps we would never be truly happy together. Three weeks into the course, we’re out to dinner and he presents a 10-page handwritten love letter and gets down on one knee to propose! And I said YES! I knew we were exactly what each other needed to have a thriving relationship. Our relationship did a complete 180-degree change.”

– Camilla Benedicte, Copenhagen

Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp is a great value at $997 paid in full
or 3 easy payments of $375. 

If you have been waiting to work with Mama Gena live, now is the time. This may be the only opportunity to work with her live this year. 

Questions? Please email info@mamagenas.com

“Pleasure Boot Camp radically altered me. I was conditioned to think of others first and being a people pleaser, I exhausted myself. Now my self-care is Sacred. I am more energized because I learned to say yes to myself.”

– Shannan Catlett, NYC

The Womanly Arts

Whet Your Own Appetite:
Do you know what you want?

I bet you know what other people want (your family, your boss, your partner). Do you feel solid and righteous in your decisions? Or ungrounded and confused? As a woman, you often can’t tell what you want because you were taught never to give your appetites any time, energy, or priority.

The first and most important Art is the ability to identify your desires. When you recognize and celebrate these innate longings, you can attract, create, and live your most deeply longed for dreams. With the support and structure of this community, you will blow the roof off your ability to call in what you want.

Have fun no matter what:
Fun is not something that just happens to you. It’s a teachable, trainable skill. When you locate your happiness everything changes! No matter life’s tremendous ups and downs, your level of satisfaction is truly yours to determine. Locating and then choosing the path of fun, no matter what, rebalances your chemistry – tapping you into an infinite source of abundance, joy, and love. Being joyous is your birthright. Pleasure and fun are the secret to a gratifying life, but using them is an art you have been taught to ignore. Flexing this new power will not only nurture your desires, it will change the direction of your life and the quality of your days. As you begin to feed your radiance, you will light up everyone around you. Simple. That is the power of a lit up woman!

Sensual Pleasure:
She who owns her sensuality, owns her life. When a woman connects with her sensual pleasure, extraordinary things begin to happen. Whether she is single or in a relationship, she will feel alive in a way she has never felt.

You have 8,000 nerve endings on your body whose sole purpose is pleasure. When you own yourself sensually, everything is open to you. You awaken more feeling in your whole being and experience the joy that is available to you, simply because you are a woman. In Boot Camp, we break free from societal taboos around a woman’s sensuality, so you can reclaim your innate wiring towards pleasure, and enjoy the profound power that comes from this reclamation.

Guess what? Flirtation doesn’t have to do with size, shape, color, or age. Really! It is simply the art of enjoying yourself in the presence of another person. You will learn how to flirt just for the fun of it – not as a means to an end, but as a way to express yourself fully, ask for what you want, and stand firmly in your feminine power. Flirtation grants you access to your life force. It is the simplest way to inhabit your greatness, have your way with the world, and achieve the most ecstatic, fulfilling, and spontaneous life possible.

Own your beauty:
Make the decision, every minute of every day, that you are the hottest, most gorgeous thing that ever lived. Why not? You are. It’s time to properly worship and adorn the glorious body you are in. Beauty’s elusive trick, her secret, is that she requires great internal discipline to exist. Own your beauty now, not later when…you lose weight, get a different haircut, partner, car, job, apartment, or life. Our culture can disconnect you from your truth. You can come to believe that your need for beauty is superficial. And selfish. So you give up. This belief disconnects you from your life force, your turn-on, your spiritual aliveness. Beauty – genuine beauty – flows from within. It is an expression of radiance, a love of life, deep gratitude, and palpable joy. Beauty is inclusive, celebratory, holy. Like nature, herself, it dares us to love what is. To stand proudly in its manifestation through us.

Party with your inner bitch:
The dark side of a woman is just another face of the goddess that wants to be known and adored. We all have one. The only way your dark side can work against you is if you don’t own it. Has anyone ever told you to just get out there and FEEL? FEEL loudly? WEEP uncontrollably? RAGE like an angry lioness? HOWL like a bitch in heat? CRY more? SCREAM your head off? You have been trained, taught, and conditioned your whole life, to turn down the volume and velocity of your emotions and emotional responses. Learn to use this aspect of yourself for your benefit, rather than suffering behind it. You have a rich emotional terrain, teeming with energy, passion, and life. You’ll be supported to feel it all, and unleash the genius that arises.

Own and Operate:
This Art is about learning the language and skills to create fulfilling relationships with ease and pleasure. It’s a skill set that EVERY woman can learn, no matter who you love. You will revolutionize the relationships you’re in, and call in the relationships you truly desire. There is a specific aspect of feminine power that is unique to women, yet often goes ignored and under-utilized. Together we will uncover and practice ways of communicating that are inherently feminine and guaranteed to get you exactly what you want. You will learn life-changing tactics for taking control of your relationships – whether on a first date or a 50th anniversary.

Invite Abundance:  
Women have uncanny powers of attraction. You’ll learn how to use that power to conjure anything and everything you want, no matter how outrageous. Your dreams are not too big for you. You would not have them if they were not just the right size and shape for the individual you are. They are blueprints of your future fulfillment. We will practice the abundance mindset, recognize the limitlessness of possibilities, and share our gratitude. You have the opportunity to celebrate what is going right in your life, and look at what you want to create next.

This program is created for all women. Cis-gendered, queer, bi-sexual, non-binary, and trans women are welcome. In my books and classes, I will use the word ‘woman’ for any person who identifies as a woman, or lives as a woman. Gender identity exists on a spectrum, and I support each person’s decision to live in alignment with their internal and external truth.

Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp is a great value at $997 paid in full
or 3 easy payments of $375. 

If you have been waiting to work with Mama Gena live, now is the time. This may be the only opportunity to work with her live this year. 

Questions? Please email info@mamagenas.com



As with most training, you get out of it what you put in. When you choose to pour your whole self in – to participate with vulnerability and honesty – you can transform any part of your life.

Body issues have plagued women for centuries but are especially prevalent now, in this time of relentless social media and heightened comparison thinking. This program is the single most effective way to heal from body issues because we address the underlying shame at their root, and learn to transform our negative patterns through pleasure. In VPBC, we source solutions in the safety of sisterhood – a community of women where we are ALL dealing with the very same problems and healing together.

Anyone who has engaged in personal development work knows there is always more to learn. This is a journey into the most basic aspects of our feminine power, to own your exquisite beauty, to become fully sexually expressed, and to replace shame and guilt with vibrating aliveness. VPBC will take you as deep as you allow it to and the community will support you, nurture you, and take you higher along the way.

As mothers, we never have enough time. And of course, as women, we have been taught to prioritize our husbands, kids, families and work above ourselves. In VPBC we will learn how to make the Mama happy (because we all know what happens when we DON’T). You will learn that it does not require a huge time investment to create pleasure for yourself – it is simply a shift of priority or thought pattern that keeps us Mama’s eating crumbs rather than pulling up a chair and dining at the banquet table of life.

VPBC teaches you to embrace your desires and articulate them to your loved ones with clarity and respect. As you learn to tune into your inner voice and beauty, you will gain confidence in all areas of your life. And we all know how sexy confidence is! Every relationship in your life will transform as you transform.

All of my LGBTQ+ sisters are appreciated and embraced in Boot Camp. Every woman is welcomed here, honored here, and celebrated here. Cis-gendered, queer, bi-sexual, non-binary, and trans women – anyone who has felt outsider in terms of her free expression – will find a home inside this classroom. I work to create a safe space for each of my students, where they are free to express and explore every facet of their human experience.

Masculine and feminine energies are at work in all individuals, in all relationships, and in the world in general. The majority of us have been taught so much about our masculine energies, and very, very little about the feminine, resulting in a challenging imbalance both individually and collectively. Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp will rebalance your inner scales.

I will do my best to pay tribute to all the different constructs as I teach. And, for clarity, I will use men and women as reference points. My goal is to allow you to crystallize the differences between masculine and feminine energies, regardless of which bodies they’re showing up in. That way, all of us can begin to truly enjoy the polarity between – and the union of – these two forces in our world.

Yes. And we want to be so clear that the curriculum of our Womanly Arts courses comes from Mama Gena’s extensive study, research, and experimentation, as understood through her lived experience as a heterosexual-ish, cisgender, white woman. That experience can’t be entirely teased out from the work and it means the School will never, ever claim to be expert in the experience of transgender women (or of non-heterosexual or racialized women), or that we won’t mess up. But Regena is committed to learning. She is committed to holding space for all. She is committed to stoking every woman’s desire. She is committed to teaching us all to honor the feminine and in so doing raise us all higher.

Because so many women have been taught that our bodies – and particularly our sexual anatomy – are objectionable (and often, even, unnameable), an important aspect of the Womanly Arts curriculum is addressing body-shame. Every VPBC student will be challenged to adapt the curriculum to fit her own sense of self but differences in anatomy may be an additional complexity for transgender women.

Regena is a white woman and will never know all of what it means to be a woman of color – and she is the first to admit it. She is on her own ongoing anti-racism learning journey (along with all team members at The School of Womanly Arts) because sisterhood requires nothing less.

While Regena is the teacher, sisterhood has no hierarchy. We meet in a metaphorical circle, and every woman’s story and every woman’s experience and every woman’s identity is valued. The VPBC classroom is one of the most diverse gatherings of women on earth, and the participants co-create the experience. Imperfect, human, and extraordinary.

A turned-on woman is a woman in her highest power. When you learn to connect with your source energy, you are in flow. When you are in flow, your ability to ask for what you want, stand for your value, and live your vision is exponentially expanded. Thousands and thousands of women who have done this work have reported significant raises at their jobs, some quit their jobs and began new careers, some finally wrote the book or started the company they had been longing to create. What you make possible and how you expand is up to you – but you can expect tremendous velocity in the professional realm as part of this course.

Probably the greatest asset in a woman’s life is her community. And most of us lack a true sisterhood, where we can support and be supported in all of our desires and dreams. Most of us are plain lonely. This community will change everything in the way that only true sisterhood and connection can. One of the core strengths of this program is its unique emphasis on mutual accountability. You will learn to see each other as allies in this process of self-discovery, learning how to support, challenge, show up for one another in meaningful ways.

Even when my life is great I know there is a level that is even more glorious, where I flow with greater confidence, exploring myself and my relationships more deeply. This is your time to embrace your power, your sexuality, and your desires on a whole new level. 

This is not the same course. The bonus you received was a series of eight audio recordings from back in 2015, meant for the purpose of self-study. Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp 2020 is a full-fledged online program, which includes live training calls with Regena every Monday,  twice-weekly practice calls, three levels of homework to choose from, student Q&A, and an online community on Facebook. While the course content may feel familiar, the experience of participating is entirely different. Not to mention that we’ve freshened our curriculum to reflect the current cultural climate, and this is your only opportunity to study live with Mama Gena this year! Whether you received the bonus or not, we recommend joining VPBC 2020 as a way to deepen your learning with the vital addition of real-time lessons, global community, and virtual support structures!


We understand that VPBC is an investment – one that requires planning and conviction. We want every woman who enrolls to feel their full yes before joining us on this journey.

With that in mind, you have the option to pay the investment in full, or to choose the stated payment plan. The first payment will be withdrawn at the time of registration, and the 2nd and 3rd payments will process automatically every 30 days. Payments are accepted in the form of any major credit/debit card. 

You have seven days from the date of registration to get a full refund for whatever you’ve paid. After seven days, your tuition is no longer refundable. 


The reading and exercises take between an hour and three hours depending on the level you choose to participate at. We encourage you to attend the weekly one-hour training calls live. (Note: these will also be recorded and sent via email). There are two practice calls each week, you may choose to attend one or both. Each call is 45 minutes in length.

The VPBC classroom experience is designed to be both interactive and individual. Mama Gena facilitates each of the live training calls, presenting on a wide range of topics, leading exercises, and initiating dialogue – rest assured, you will get a lot of Mama.

Should you desire to share your story, you will have multiple opportunities to be heard and witnessed throughout the course – in practice calls, smaller paired shares, or the online community. Raise your hand during a training call and Mama Gena may call on you, but if she doesn’t, somehow you will still always hear the story you needed to hear. It’s pretty amazing!

One of the core strengths of this program is its unique emphasis on sisterhood. If you’re looking for an individual coaching program, this may not be the right fit. But if your goal is to learn from Mama Gena while connecting deeply with other women, VPBC offers just that – a community of practice and unparalleled support.

There are eight live training calls with Mama Gena throughout the course. These take place every Monday and will include a teaching section, followed by live Q&A and group participation. There are also 16 practice calls, hosted by seasoned Sister Goddesses, that you can choose to attend.

The practice calls are led by Sister Goddess and give you time to and space to deepen your understanding of the Arts inside of community. Calls are every Tuesday at 6 p.m. ET and every Wednesday at 10 a.m. ET. You can attend one or both!

The importance of attending all eight live training calls cannot be overstated. We urge you to make the most of your VPBC experience by being present each week – even if that means making space in your otherwise busy schedule. We know it’s hard, but it’s so worth it.

In the event that conflicts arise, you can use the homework and audio recordings to catch up on past material. We also suggest contacting your fellow students to practice the tools that you missed. If you’re willing to get creative, there are lots of ways to stay caught up and still have a satisfying VPBC experience!

Once you register, you will receive a welcome email within 48 hours, which includes training call dates, practice call dates, and the dial-in info to access each of our weekly calls. If you do not receive your welcome email within three days of registering, please email info@mamagenas.com to let us know and share the email address you used to register for the Boot Camp course.

At this time, there are no other live events planned for this year. To keep in touch and learn about any live events we decide to hold, register to receive Mama Gena’s blog. http://mamagenas.com/#fivedayselflove

At this time, there are no other live events planned for this year. To keep in touch and learn about any live events we decide to hold, register to receive Mama Gena’s blog. http://mamagenas.com/#fivedayselflove

If social media sites like Facebook are not your thing, we completely understand! Like all of our resources, the online community is not mandatory and will not make or break your experience.

That said, Facebook is the easiest way to stay plugged-in to the tools, community, and course materials. If you’re not tech-savvy, our staff members are happy to assist you in setting up an account and successfully navigating the website. To keep things separate, some students have created anonymous accounts for themselves just to participate in the group. If privacy is a concern, please trust that we take every precaution to ensure that the group’s content is only accessible to our current students. Whether you choose to use Facebook or not, we are here to help and have your best interests at heart!

There are three levels of homework to choose from. Each level deepens your practice and can be undertaken at any time. Level 1 includes reading from our foundational text, Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts and completing the included exercises. Level 2 incorporates reading from In The Pleasure Zone, and Level 3 offers additional exercises to take the readings deeper.

You will emerge from VPBC with lasting friendships, a rich understanding of your own self-worth, and specific tools for living your most turned-on life, practices that you can fall back on again and again.

After graduation, the VPBC Facebook group that pertains to your particular session will close, but don’t fret! We’ll give you plenty of notice and plenty of time to save all of your most meaningful posts. You will be able to download any recordings, homework or tool sheets you would like to keep.

Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp is a great value at $997 paid in full
or 3 easy payments of $375. 

If you have been waiting to work with Mama Gena live, now is the time. This may be the only opportunity to work with her live this year. 

Questions? Please email info@mamagenas.com

Hear first-hand from our course graduates

“If you’re considering joining Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp, jump in and get ready to have your life changed forever. It was nothing short of mind-blowing. My husband and I went from grunting at each other to spending candlelit nights in a bath full of rose petals and milk. Our relationship turned into pure gold. In one year, we went from being broke newlyweds with a newborn baby, to living in a totally mortgage-free million-dollar home. I know I am being rewarded for my initial leap of faith. It was and still is, one hell of a ride.”

– Nicole, Australia

“Boot Camp sent cascades of delight into every facet of my life: a Mediterranean romance, whitewater adventures with my guy, rockin’ dance breaks in stuffy work meetings, the exodus of frump from my closet…and the sisterhood I experienced in this course felt truly magical. At our graduation, I voiced my biggest, scariest desire: a romantic proposal and dream marriage to my love, who’d been emphatic that marriage wasn’t for him. Six weeks later, I sat in stunned silence as he proposed to me (on his birthday!). My answer: a bright, sparkling, pleasure-filled YES! This was the most transformative work of my life.”

– Rebecca Johnson, Olympia WA

“My biggest desire for the program was to meet strong, confident, open-minded women that I could relate to. By joining Boot Camp, I found a new community and created relationships that have added a whole new dimension to my life. I used to tell myself, ‘I can’t have that,’ or ‘It’s too much money.’ I’ve now learned to hone my skills with the Womanly Arts and Tools to such a degree that when I want something, my mantra is ‘Go for it, girl!’ My eyes are more open. I feel a greater sense of possibility. I go out more. I glow. I make much more of an effort to own my beauty, not because of what someone else will think but just because it makes me feel so much more alive
and juicier.”

– Geri, South Carolina

“Making decisions used to be an absolutely excruciating process. Not anymore! Thanks to Boot Camp, I now know how to exquisitely tune into my inner wisdom and trust the powerful guidance I receive. My life will never be the same again.”

– Jennifer Golbin-McGrew, East Setauket, NY

“The community is AMAZING. My study buddy from Boot Camp and I are still practice partners 3 years later, practicing the tools together and holding each other accountable. I LOVED meeting her in Boot Camp. We knew each other so intimately — yet we had never met in person.”

– Maurya

“I am so excited for everyone who signs up for Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp! I did the last one and it kicked my shapely butt up the ladder of Pleasure in the most delightful, fun, understanding way. We had goddesses from all over the world participating. The “Ask a Pleasure Revolutionary” opportunity alone was worth the price-such good advice that was immediately applicable to life wherever we were and whatever we were doing. It was the perfect starting place for learning to apply the Tools and seeing just how powerful community is. Ohhhhh, do it, do it, do it!”

– Ti, California

“Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp was one of the most joyous, healing, and fun experiences of my life. It was actually a turning point, when I moved from living in loneliness and isolation to the magic, joy, and power of living life in community. Boot Camp completely, profoundly, and totally transformed me.”

– Elizabeth McDonald

“When I enrolled in Boot Camp, I was going through a bad time in my marriage, having recently discovered my hubby was having an affair. If my marriage was to stand a chance, I was getting my ass into Boot Camp. I loved everything about this course. It made the book come alive, allowed me to practice in community, be connected with other women on similar journeys, the Q&A’s, all of it was amazing. The most valuable aspects of the curriculum were the assignments, and being guided through them in community. Since Boot Camp, I have so much more confidence, and feel that I am enough. I am now loving my body and accepting more and more that where I am and what I am doing is exactly as it needs to be.”

– Sofia G. Torres de Chiappetta

“I attended all the classes from the comfort and privacy of my own home, in an entirely different continent! Not only did the program connect me with amazing women, it gave me the Tools and Arts to celebrate the woman I am, every single day. Before Boot Camp, I learned to put up a huge inner shield in my all-male work environment. I now know how to stay grounded and energized throughout my workday. I’ve become the expert in my office at having fun no matter what! I learned to ‘conjure’ my desires in record time, including everything from concert tickets to a free trip to Paris.”

– Malaika, the Middle East

“The tools I learned in Boot Camp TRANSFORM my days. I now see all my achievements and how well I am doing, instead of seeing my days as a fight. It’s a complete change of mindset. Over the years, I played myself down and turned into a wallflower. Now, I use the street as my runway.”

– Katie, London

“Boot Camp exceeded my expectations. When I enrolled, my husband and I were on the brink of divorce. Boot Camp gave me the tools to be honest in what I want and need from him, as well as life in general. We are making good progress. Excellent value for the investment. I received information here that I wish I had learned from my mother and friends. I’m nearly 70, but far better late than never!!!”

– Bonnie

“I travel frequently and  VPBC absolutely exceeded my expectations. I loved learning one tool at a time, having a study buddy, weekly calls with Regena and of course the online forum. VPBC helped me to open up to self-love and start working on a marriage that was falling apart. Community in this work is everything! I couldn’t believe how close a connection you can have online. There is such a feeling of love, respect, and being held in community.”

– Karen Majewski, Littleton CO

“My friend told me about her journey at the SWA and I thought that starting at Boot Camp would be a great way to ease myself into the Sister Goddess journey. I absolutely loved participating in Boot Camp. It really helped me to understand and appreciate the awesomeness of being a woman. Boot Camp was definitely worth the investment. The curriculum was awesome and the way it was presented in the virtual format made it super convenient to participate and follow up with everyone. Boot Camp helped me to give birth to self-awareness, the art of gratitude, and being comfortable in my own skin.”

– Erica Shippen, Brookhaven

“I enrolled in boot camp after having a really hard summer (I was mugged and dumped!). I was down and needed something to help pick me up. I had been following Mama Gena for a long time and when I hit a really low point, I asked my mom if she wanted to join me and we both jumped in. In the first week of the program, I was promoted to manage my first department and got a 10% raise. Fast forward 2 years and I am engaged to the man I was having all that trouble with (getting dumped) and I left my corporate job and am seeking out what kind of company to create that nurtures my soul. I live in a new town where I feel safe. I am more loving toward my body. No part of my life is “done” but I have way more tools to know I can get through whatever happens. I would describe the community as incredible. The main aspect I cherish is the depth of the friendships. I feel like I can reach out to the community when I have a hard time, and can talk to anyone, sharing the depths of my soul, and they will listen and hold space for me.”

– Leann Dameron, Chicago

“Describing the School of Womanly Arts is a bit like describing a beautiful woman. Despite the surplus of odes, sonnets, poems, and praises, much remains to be said. If Mama’s book first put that beautiful woman in my sights and gave her form, then Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp was the way I dipped my toes into the pool of my desire for her. It was safe in the way online dating is safe: I could peek into the possibilities through other women’s ‘brags,’ ‘gratitudes,’ and ‘desires’ and thus enrich my own. The structured investigation of the Womanly Arts and tools, the teleclasses, and the homework revealed things I had not gleaned about this gorgeous goddess from afar. You see, she’s in each of the women who take the course and she’s in you. As you share and practice, she’ll show more faces than you knew she had.”

– Kasha

“I had wanted to hear more about the ideas and concepts from Mama Gena’s first book, directly from her and begin my active journey into living with pleasure. Boot Camp did just that. I loved hearing Mama Gena’s answers to questions and personal experiences on each topic. Hearing her talk about these topics from her current life experiences versus where her life was when writing the book, was quite valuable. After Boot Camp, I was much more aware of my negative self-talk and bottled up emotions. The community and sisterhood was an amazing new experience for me.”

– Dawn Welburn, Brooklyn

Virtual Pleasure Boot Camp is a great value at $997 paid in full
or 3 easy payments of $375. 

If you have been waiting to work with Mama Gena live, now is the time. This may be the only opportunity to work with her live this year. 

Questions? Please email info@mamagenas.com