Welcome Sister!

You said YES! To locating your deepest power as a woman, expanding your capacity for pleasure, and plugging into your raw goddess energy. Ready to begin? Then you’ve landed in the perfect spot!

This is the Student Dashboard where you’ll find every last resource you need to thrive in VPBC. Consider it your roadmap for how to navigate and participate in each component of the course, while getting the absolute most out of our eight-week immersion.

In order to fully benefit from VPBC, it’s important that you participate in all the elements: Monday Calls, homework assignments, Practice Calls, and reaching out to your fellow Sister Goddesses for support when you desire or need it.

Just observing the Monday Calls is not enough. Remember, being a Sister Goddess is ACTIVE, not passive. Push yourself to go for it!

And...always remember that everything on offer here is an invitation, and to take things at your own, sacred pace. Learning about the eight Womanly Arts is deep work with the capacity to impact your entire personhood — you will experience changes in your emotional landscape, and the way you think. So be sure to take extra good care of yourself during these eight weeks. Drink water, rest deeply, eat healthy foods, exercise, and respect that change occurs on all levels: body, mind, and soul.

Important: In order to create the juiciest and safest space for every student in VPBC, please carefully read through all the information in this Dashboard, especially as it pertains to confidentiality and how to protect the security of this container.


Weekly 60-minute Womanly Art Call
Mondays at Noon ET/9 a.m. PT
Find your local call in number here.

You can access the recordings of the calls here
Mama Gena teaches eight weeks of VPBC. Each week will start with a class-wide, 60-minute Q&A call held on Mondays at Noon ET // 9 a.m. PT on Zoom. (Use the link above to join!)

Prior to each Monday call-in VPBC, you will be invited to explore Regena’s Pink Book Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts: Using the Power of Pleasure to Have Your Way with the World. You can order it here! 

We ask that you review the corresponding teaching chapter in the book in advance of our Monday sessions with Mama Gena, so that you come to class with a basic understanding of the week’s curriculum. This allows more time for clarification, live demos, Q&A, group coaching, and organic magic to unfold in the 60 minutes we share together every Monday.

The format of the Q&A calls will include: 
  • Five minutes to welcome and frame the call.
  • 25 minutes for Mama Gena to teach the Art of the week (What is it?, How do you do it?, etc.).
  • 25 minutes of Student Q&A specific to the Art of the week. 
  • During the final five minutes of the call, students are encouraged to share their Favorite Frames (i.e. what you saw, noticed, and got from the call). 

Each Q&A Call is recorded. 
If you miss a Monday call, you can find the recording HERE. We’ll also send every recording of our Monday calls via email the same evening.

Course Schedule
Here’s the schedule of the live Coaching calls with Mama G on Mondays:

Course Dates: March 28 - May 20, 2022

Monday, March 28 from Noon - 1 pm ET
Monday, April 4 from Noon - 1 pm ET
Monday, April 11 from Noon - 1 pm ET
Monday, April 18  from Noon - 1 pm ET
Monday, April 25 from Noon - 1 pm ET
Monday, May 2 from Noon - 1 pm ET
Monday, May 9 from Noon - 1 pm ET
Monday, May 16 from Noon - 1 pm ET

Find the VPBC 2022 Google Calendar here. Click the + button at the bottom right corner to add to your Google Calendar.

Find the VPBC 2022 iCal Calendar here.

Practice Calls
VPBC Practice Calls are your opportunity to feel, embody, and practice all that you’re learning with your sisters. These calls are open to all students and held twice a week on Zoom. They are 45 minutes in length, and hosted by a combination of staff members and Pleasure Revolutionaries. Each Tuesday and Wednesday call will replicate the same structure. So if you miss one, that’s ok! To make sure you get the most you possibly can out of them, we ask that you please try to join by the top of the hour.

Length: Practice Calls are 45 minutes in length
Dates: March 29-30, April 5-6, 12-13, 19-20, 26-27, May 3-4, 10-11, & 17-18

Practice Calls take place at the following times:
Tuesdays at 6 p.m. ET
Wednesdays at 10 a.m. ET

The theme, flavor, and focus of each call will change as we move through the season.
See below for a schedule and description of what to expect.

Find your local call in number here.
Weeks 1 - 5
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Call Theme:
Weeks 1 - 5 are dedicated to sharing Trinities: Brags, Gratitudes, and Desires.

Brags are all about celebrating and manifesting our personal and collective desires – however big or small. Bragging allows you to be witnessed in your shine – to notice and celebrate every juicy drop of what you’re calling in and creating.

Gratitudes are all about finding our circumstances right, no matter how they may look on the surface. The more we can honor exactly where we are in life – right here, in this moment – the more space we allow to invite abundance.

Desires are the interface between us and that which is greater than us. In this part of the call, we are going to throw the full-throttle, gale-force winds of turn-on into both our personal and collective desires – getting seductive with the universe and dancing our hopes & dreams into being.

Optional props:
We recommend having a pillow on hand, and wearing a cute pair of underwear!

What’s Included: 
  • Welcome + Dance Break
  • Round of Brags
  • Response to each brag is Pussy Flashing
  • Round of Gratitudes 
  • Round of Desires
  • Fucking your desires in encouraged (pillow optional) 
  • Favorite Frames

Weeks 6 & 7
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Call Theme:
Weeks 6 and 7 are dedicated to the Swamping tool and Partying with your Inner Bitch!

Swamping is an embodied movement practice that we use to release, process, and move through our dark emotions. To learn more about the mechanics of Swamping check out this handy-dandy, how-to guide right HERE.

Optional Props:
Wear dark-colored, comfortable clothing, give yourself privacy and lots of space to move, bring pillows or towels to throw, punch, or hit hard surfaces with, & knee pads.

What’s included:
  • Welcome + Round of Swamp shares
  • Series of Songs:
  • Rage song
  • Grief song
  • Turn-on song
  • Round of Trinities: Brags, Gratitudes, & Desires
  • Fave frames
  • Dance Out

Week 8
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Call Theme:
The focus of Week 8 is the Womanly Art of Inviting Abundance. The Practice Calls will include a group meditation in which we expand our orgasmic energy and innate capacity for pleasure.

This week we’ll have the opportunity to gather in sisterhood to practice worshipping our most sacred piece of human hardware, our Pussies. When your Pussy is acknowledged and appreciated, you can hear her even more clearly. These calls will offer a guided ritual and pussy-centered meditation.

Optional props:
Candle, three pebbles, lingerie, lube.

What’s Included:
  • Welcome + Dance Break
  • Guided Meditation & Pussy Ritual
  • Sensual Embodied Dance Break
  • Round of Trinities: Brags, Gratitudes, & Desires
  • Frames of the ritual
  • Dance Out

Student Workbook and Weekly Homework

The homework assignments for each week of VPBC are laid out for you in your Student Workbook, and will be posted here and shared via email every Monday.

You will be assigned weekly activities that include journaling, reading, watching films, practicing the tools, and engaging with your sisters and Pleasure Partner. 

Typically your weekly homework assignments will include these activities:
  • Bragging
  • Spring Cleaning
  • Checking in with your Pleasure Partner
  • Participating in a 45-minute Practice Call
  • A reading assignment
  • Weekly themed Exercises (usually 3-4 assignments)
  • Journaling
  • Watching a film
  • Asking a Pleasure Revolutionary any question you desire!

IMPORTANT: The VPBC homework is essential to your understanding of the course, so please make time each week to complete the assignments. Access your workbook pages below (or via email):


Whetting Your Own Appetite

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Have Fun No Matter What

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Sensual Pleasure

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Own Your Beauty

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Party With Your Inner Bitch

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Own and Operate

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Invite Abundance

VPBC Tools & Resources

We have gathered a library of Tools & Resources to support you in this course. You’ll find information and access to the following:

  • Pleasure Partner thread on FB
  • Sister Goddess Directory
  • Class Recordings
  • Ask a Pleasure Revolutionary Q&A
  • Tool Sheets


While we always encourage you to digest your VPBC experiences in whatever way feels most authentic, we want to clarify how to speak about your experience outside of our private group.

Thank you for your help as we continue to create the safest and most sacred container for our work together.

Spaces that are considered public include: 

  • Anywhere on social media, except for the VPBC 2022 Private Facebook Group. (This includes Mama Gena's Facebook page, the Student Dashboard, as well as any other Sister Goddesses groups).

  • In conversations with any person who is not enrolled in VPBC 2022 (this includes friends, family, colleagues, and even SWA graduates from previous years). 

When you are sharing about VPBC 2022 in any of the above forums, we encourage you to share about your personal experience – how you felt, the impact this work is having on your life, and general frames of what you learned. However, please do not share any specifics of the curriculum, nor any other woman's experience. For example:  

  • DO: speak about how supported you felt in community, share an "aha moment”, breakthrough, or epiphany you had, or a new insight about how you desire to move forward in your life, etc!

  • DON'T: share specific details of any exercise taught on your calls with Mama Gena or betray the privacy of fellow goddesses in this space. Many of Mama Gena's practices are best explained, understood, and experienced through the body, and often do not translate in a supportive way outside of the classroom and context in which they are taught.

  • DON'T: divulge any personal information about your fellow participants, including a woman’s  name, likeness, or storyline. This is an essential way we support each other, and ensures a safe space for everyone in class. 

The safety and power of the VPBC experience is co-created by each one of us, and we are so grateful for your divine cooperation. If you feel unsure of these guidelines, or have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to email us at info@mamagenas.com.


There are so many ways to be successful in VPBC, and we want you to try them all! Sister Goddess is a verb, not a noun. You will not be saved, rescued, or “fixed” in this program. You will not get someone else to solve your challenges here. You will be taught how to take the reins of your happiness and to drive yourself and your life in the direction of your desires and joy. The result is that you walk away impassioned, inspired, and more in love with yourself than you thought possible...but to get there, you have to go ALL in.

Plan to be uncomfortable.Your old beliefs will be challenged, you will be invited to behave in ways that feel awkward or “not you.” You may even get mad at Mama Gena or your sisters as you choose to stretch and grow outside your usual comfort zone. Your deep emotional responses are encouraged and required. In VPBC, you will not turn your computer off and leave the class behind. You will be asked to take what you are learning and apply it to the way you live your life right now.

You may experience resistance in this program. Resistance is your best friend in VPBC because it tells you that you have hit an emotional speed bump that requires your pleasure-filled attention. If you are feeling resistance in VPBC, you are on the right track. If you aren’t, ask yourself, how am I holding back? How can I step up my involvement and participation even more?

How does resistance show up? Here are some tell-tale signs: 

  • You find yourself arriving late, or checking out in the Training Calls, or you don’t show up at all and don’t watch the recording. 
  • You don’t find time to get online, review the weekly videos, or participate in Student Q&A (even when you have burning questions).
  • You do very little of the homework or none at all.
  • You feel stuck around finding a Pleasure Partner, and end up isolating, instead of reaching out.
  • You have repeated intense feelings of anger, fear, or anxiety about a particular topic or person.

Resistance shows up a little differently for everyone, so check in with yourself regularly. If you’re feeling adrift and disengaged, then take action right away. Jump on a Practice Call, text your Pleasure Partner, out yourself to another goddess, ask the Pleasure Revs a question, and above all, WORK the tools. Transparency has the power to transform your experience. A single share, or embodied exercise can change the course of your entire day. So show up exactly as you are, but show up nonetheless!

VPBC Facebook Group

The VPBC 2022 Facebook group is the vehicle we use to host your weekly “Ask a Pleasure Revolutionary” Q&A and to locate a Pleasure Partner for the week. All other resources and links can be accessed right here, on our Student Dashboard.

The Facebook group will be active and available at all times, so you can access the Pleasure Partner thread whenever it serves you. And the Student Q&A thread will be open from 8 a.m. ET on Thursdays through 6 p.m. ET on Fridays.

This group will be self-regulated with the oversight of trained staff members from Mama Gena’s team. What does that mean? It means that we trust you and your fellow VPBC members – along with a select number of trained staff – to be the eyes and ears of this group. To quote the New York City MTA, if you see something, say something.

Women are uniquely perceptive, and part of your journey in this course is learning to listen to those intuitive tugs that keep us alert, aware of our surroundings, and above all, safe. If you see, hear, or experience something that feels “off” or offensive within the VPBC community, we ask that you reach out to info@mamagenas.com to let us know ASAP, so that we may address the issue accordingly.

The following red flags apply to all interpersonal aspects of the VPBC course – virtual or in-person – whether you’re interacting on Zoom, engaging with a Pleasure Partner, or asking a question in the Student Q&A thread on Facebook:

  • Harmful language: This pertains to any commentary that could be construed as harmful to group members. Racist, agist, abelist, homophobic, xenophobic, and otherwise discriminatory language is never permitted inside our classrooms or online spaces. If you see or hear a comment that doesn’t sit well with you, for any reason, please send us a message with the name of the student who shared/posted, and as much context as you think would be helpful.

  • Promotional posts or marketing: Unless otherwise noted, business promotion is prohibited in VPBC. All of us, regardless of location, are inundated with marketing, advertising, and mainstream media in our day-to-day lives. To prevent your sisters from feeling “sold to” please avoid linking to your business, service, or monetary offering in this group. We have a special resource for networking called the “Pink Pages”, which can be found here in the Dashboard. Please use that channel to promote your business. If you see something that seems “salesy” in response to a non-networking related prompt, send us an email and we’ll make sure it lands in the right spot!

  • Charge on the program, Mama Gena, or other students: Here in VPBC, we believe in resolving conflict the right way. We do not permit students to release charge (aka anger, negativity, frustration, or abuse) on other students, on the program itself, or on Mama Gena, inside our Online Community. Why? Because it’s not an effective way to get assistance. While we always want to hear your feedback, the best place to share it with our team is over email or a phone call. Otherwise, it’s likely to get lost in the cyber cracks. Conflicts between sisters usually require a private conversation, or in some cases, mediation. So if you have a problem or concern, please get in touch directly.

  • Self-harm/emergency posts: VPBC is a safe space for women to express their emotional range. That said, it is not a substitute for mental health services. If you see a comment that alludes to self-harm of any kind, or simply leaves you questioning another sister’s wellbeing, we want to hear about it. Our staff can speak with the student individually and provide additional resources if needed. Sisterhood means looking out for each other no matter what.
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Community Agreements & Rules

There are rules to being a Sister Goddess, and the way we use the privileges of the Sister Goddess community has a specific structure that must be observed.

Take a moment to absorb and commit yourself to these agreements prior to participating in class. Your continued access to the program hinges on your ability to comply with the guidelines below.

As a student in VPBC 2022, I pledge the following:

  1. I pledge confidentiality. I will not reveal the contents of this course to non-members, nor will I speak of its contents with members outside of this space. I pledge to keep this space safe and closely knit, and to honor the privacy of all who participate with me.

  2. I pledge to Brag, to share the goodness in my life, especially my pleasurable accomplishments, in order to unearth my desires and to fan the flames of desire in other women.

  3. I pledge to give uprides to my sisters. I will be a cheerleader for them with NO criticism and NO coaching.

  4. I pledge to only use this community in a Goddessly manner, and understand that if I use the community to vent my charge on another member or relate in an un-Goddessly manner, I risk potential removal from the program.

  5. I pledge to hold this community as sacred space. I will not use the community or Student Directory for solicitation, evites, or any type of mass mailing. I pledge to use all forums for the use they are intended, and to post social and business information in the appropriate forums only.

  6. Most of all, I pledge to HAVE FUN, and to use these boards to take myself and my sisters higher. 

By agreeing to these rules, you understand that if you are in violation of any of the agreements in this pledge, you will be removed from the program.

Thank you for joining us in this sacred pledge.

We also ask that you follow these online rules when engaging as a community online.

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Dealing with Emotional Charge

What to do if you have emotional charge with another student, Mama Gena, the Staff, or the School of Womanly Arts?

If you are feeling a negative emotional charge towards another student, staff, or the School itself, here is how to act responsibly: Spring Clean. Spring Cleaning is a confidential exercise. Grab a Sister Goddess and use the initials of the person with whom you have the charge instead of her name. Do 15 minutes of pulls. Repeat as necessary. Follow this with a list of gratitudes towards this person (you really won’t want to do this, but do it anyway). If your charge becomes unmanageable, contact a staff member for more suggestions. Remember, NEVER release charge on another student, staff, or the School in class, or within any of our online spaces. Your post will be deleted and you will receive a message from Mama Gena’s HQ instructing you to follow the recommendations stated here. If this happens more than once, you risk being removed from the program.

IMPORTANT: You will be learning about the concept of “transparency” which means to reveal your true experience, to speak honestly, and to allow others to “see” you. This does not mean that you have been given permission to rant, vent, attack, bully, grandstand, or direct your anger, anxiety, or fear onto another human being.

You are expected to deal with your emotional charge towards another person by using the Tools. Once you have diffused your intense feelings, then you are ready to use the action of transparency. Transparency means having your feelings WITHOUT attacking and hurting another person, place, or thing.

What do you do if you’re in an emotional crisis?
The School of Womanly Arts does not provide mental health services or crisis intervention counseling. If you are in an emotional crisis, please contact the appropriate resource.

If we think you’re in an emotional crisis...
If your behavior and conduct in class directly implies that you are in an emotional crisis, you will be contacted by a staff member, referred to the numbers below, and given tips on which tools and practices might be useful. If you post language that raises alarm in our private Facebook group, your post will also be deleted and a message will be sent to you explaining the above.

If you’re experiencing a mental or emotional crisis that significantly interferes with your ability to participate in VPBC or disrupts other students, you may be asked to leave the program and encouraged to seek professional assistance, and more substantive forms of support.

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Other Resources

SWA Starter Guides & Student Resources

If you find yourself in an emotional or mental health crisis, please use the following resources for further support:

National Hotline for Suicide Prevention
1-800-273-TALK (8255) 

National Hotline for Domestic Violence
1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

National Hotline for Child Abuse

American Psychological Association Help Center 
(Information and referral only. Can search for a psychologist in your local area)

National Drug and Alcohol Treatment Referral Routing Service
1-800-662-HELP (4357)

Alcoholics Anonymous

Codependents Anonymous

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am having difficulty finding a Pleasure Partner and/or a Spring Cleaning Partner. What can I do?
Finding a Pleasure Partner is easy! There are a couple key ways to locate a partner for the week: The best, easiest, and most fun option is to head to our dedicated Pleasure Partner thread on Facebook. Each week, we will make a post in the Discussion Feed of our FB group that women can use to locate a partner. You can use the comments’ section to introduce yourself and request a partner. To find someone you’d like to partner with, simply browse the existing responses and reply to a comment directly, OR post your own invitation to connect and someone will respond to you!

If you are not a Facebook user, don’t sweat it! Just head to our Sister Goddess Directory to locate someone in your time zone or location to practice with, and send them an email or text. (Note: please do not use the Directory for mass mailings of any kind! We recommend creating a template that can be sent to multiple women individually.) Still need help? Message a member of our team at info@mamagenas.com

Why didn’t a Pleasure Revolutionary answer my question?
The Pleasure Revolutionaries are available for questions beginning at 8 am ET on Thursdays - 6 pm ET on Fridays. So if your question is posted outside of those times, you will have to wait until the next “Ask A Pleasure Revolutionary” thread to participate.

I can't log on to the VPBC Facebook group.
You can email info@mamagenas.com or use your email address to reset your password in the login area. The VPBC Facebook group can be accessed here.

I have a question about how to use the VPBC Online Community on Facebook.
First, check out our Community Agreements (see section above). After reviewing these guidelines, if you still can’t find an answer to your question, you can email us at info@mamagenas.com.

When and where can I access the class recordings?
The weekly Q&A Call recordings, and the Practice Call recordings will be posted within 24 hours to the Class Recordings section of our Student Dashboard. They are also sent each week via email for your convenience!

I have a question about my course registration payment. Who do I contact?
If you are calling to update your credit card information, have a question about a charge, or would like to discuss your payment date, please contact info@mamagenas.com.

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We are here to support you! If you have difficulty joining the live calls on Zoom, downloading your weekly workbooks, or accessing any of the Dashboard materials, please contact info@mamagenas.com.